Ultra processed foods are everywhere in our diets. Here are 7 you might be eating without realizing it.

Many breakfast cereals are highly processed and loaded with added sugars.

#1: Breakfast Cereal

Pre-flavored yogurts often contain artificial additives and high amounts of sugar.

#2: Flavored Yogurt

Shocking, but true! Most deli meats are ultra processed with preservatives and sodium.

#3: Deli Meats

Many energy bars are no better than candy bars in terms of processing and sugar content.

#4: Energy Bars

Quick and easy, but highly processed with additives and preservatives.

#5: Instant Noodles

Convenience comes at a cost - most frozen meals are ultra processed.

#6: Frozen Dinners

Sodas and other sweetened beverages are perhaps the most common ultra processed foods.

#7: Soft Drinks

Being aware is the first step. Try to limit these foods and opt for whole, minimally processed alternatives.