Euphoria One Hair Extensions Reviews: What You Need to Know

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Do you want to extend your hair without any permanent change? Or do you want to change how your hair looks? Then you might be interested in hair extensions.

Hair extensions do not only add length to your hair but also add color and volume to your hair so that your hair looks more beautiful.

If you want to use hair extensions then you need to find reputable hair extension brands that offer high-quality, natural-looking, and long-lasting hair extensions.

One of the most popular brands that offer all of the above qualities is Euphoria One. Euphoria One Hair Extensions is a UK-based company that provides the best quality hair extensions in the world.

Therefore, in this blog post, I am going to review the Euphoria One Hair Extensions and based on its features, benefits, and drawbacks.

I’ll take reference from the reviews of real customers who have used the Euphoria One Hair Extensions.

By the end of the blog post, you will have a better idea of whether to use this hair extension or not.

Product Overview

Euphoria One Hair Extensions offers a variety of hair extensions in terms of length, color, and type.

#1 Length

Euphoria One offers different lengths of hair extensions ranging from 14 inches to 24 inches. So you have a wide range of lengths to choose from.

#2 Colors

Euphoria One also offers different colors ranging from natural shades to fashion colors. So, whether you want to match your hair or want to create a contrast, you have a color. 

They offer more than 100 colors including ombre, balayage, and root stretch options.

#3 Type

Similar to different lengths and colors, Euphoria One also offers different types of extensions. Some of them include weft, tape, nano tip, stick tip, and flat tip.

Each of the above types has different applications based on your hair type, lifestyle, and preference.

Features of Euphoria One Hair Extensions

Euphoria One Hair Extensions has several quality features that make it stand out from other brands.

Some of the key features include the following:

#1 Quality of hair

Euphoria One Hair Extensions uses 100% human hair. All of their hair is ethically sourced and processed.

The hair they offer is double-drawn which means that it has the same thickness from top to bottom.

Euphoria One hair is also Remy, meaning that the cuticles are intact and aligned in the same direction. 

Also, Euphoria One hair extension is soft, silky, and shiny. Hence they can be styled, washed, and dyed like your regular hair.

#2 Easy Application

Another feature of Euphoria One Hair Extensions is that they are easy to apply and remove. It comes with clear instructions and videos on how to apply and remove them safely and correctly.

The extensions also have pre-bonded tips or tapes that are ready to use.

#3 Longevity

Euphoria One Hair Extensions are designed to last for a longer period of time as compared to other hair extensions in the market. However, proper care and maintenance are necessary for them to last longer.

Typically, Euphoria One extensions can last up to 12 months or more.

Also, the extensions are resistant to shedding and fading and retain their quality and appearance throughout their lifespan.

#4 Maintenance

Euphoria One Hair Extensions are also easy to maintain and care for.

You only need to wash your extensions every 2 to 3 weeks using mild shampoo and conditioner.

You also need to brush your extensions daily using a soft-bristled brush. Avoid heat-styling your extensions too often. Whenever you need to do heat styling use a heat protectant spray.

Customer Reviews

Euphoria One Hair Extensions has received many positive reviews from customers who have tried their products.

In most of the reviews, it is seen that the customers are satisfied with the quality, variety, and service of Euphoria One Hair Extensions. 

Here are some examples of customer reviews from Trustpilot:

“Euphoria One’s hair, is, in my opinion, the best on the market. It is beautiful quality. Soft, super shiny, double drawn for perfect thickness, and it lasts. EO are now my preferred supplier. My clients are astounded, I’ve not had one complaint, and I’m wearing their Russian/Mongolian weave hair myself.”

“Top class service from Euphoria as always – very helpful and prompt on the watsapp number…what more do you need with same day despatch…and top quality silky hair – LOVE IT.”

“Hair is excellent quality, definately recommend!”

However, not all customers are satisfied with Euphoria One Hair Extensions.

Some of the customers have reported issues with the color, texture, and durability of the hair extensions. 

Here are some examples of customer complaints from Trustpilot:

“Very poor quality extensions, wouldn’t recommend. My blonde extensions have turned brassy and orange and extremely dry after only a few months wear, I followed all the correct aftercare so I know this is not something I’ve done wrong. For the price you pay for them they should not be turning orange so quickly.”

“Had used before with no issues however I placed an order 16th September 2023 which I never received – tracking details show the item being left on a sofa in an unmanned open door way to a multi occupancy building which is also open to the pubic I have been chasing by email WhatsApp and emails to no avail near £300 out of pocket with no resolution in site Not acceptable”

“The colour does wash out slightly, but they still look great and I love them.”

From the above customer reviews of Euphoria One Hair Extensions it can be seen that not all the customers are satisfied with the product.

Is Euphoria One Hair Extensions Worth It?

As per my opinion and online reviews from real customers, Euphoria One Hair Extensions is worth it.

I do recommend Euphoria One as it is a reputable and reliable brand with high-quality hair extensions.

The varieties, quality, and features make them appealing and convenient. They also have many positive customer reviews that attest to their excellence and service.

So, if you are looking for hair extensions that are natural-looking, versatile, and long-lasting, you may choose Euphoria One Hair Extensions.

The Bottom Line

I hope this blog post has helped you learn more about Euphoria One Hair Extensions and their reviews.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below.

Also, if you have ever tried Euphoria One Hair Extensions share your experience in the comment section.

We would love to hear from you.

Thank you for reading and have a good day or night.

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