Shruumz Chocolate: A Scam or a Miracle?
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Diamond Shruumz Chocolate Reviews – Ingredients, Uses, Benefits, Potential Risks or Side Effects

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If you want a chocolate bar that’s not only delicious but also has something extra special, give Shruumz Chocolate a try!

Shruumz Chocolate is a unique brand that combines chocolate with hemp and mushrooms. This special combination gives you a little dose that can make you feel happier, more focused, and healthier.

In this blog post, we will review diamond shruumz chocolate based on what it is, how it works its magic, the benefits it does for you, and hear from folks who’ve tried it.

Whether you are curious about micro-dosing, psychedelics, or natural health products, Shruumz might be the chocolate for you.

What is Diamond Shruumz Chocolate?

What is Shruumz Chocolate

Diamond Shruumz Chocolate is a brand of chocolate that claims to contain hemp extract and three kinds of mushrooms: Lions Mane Mushroom, Reishi Mushroom, and Chaga Mushroom

The manufacturer of Diamond Shruumz Chocolate claims that the ingredients inside can make you feel happier, more focused, and creative, and also help keep you healthy.

It’s like a tasty treat with extra good stuff! Sounds pretty awesome, right?

However, some people who wrote reviews are wondering if these products really do what they say and if they’re safe. The reason is, that they don’t have any psychoactive compounds like THC or psilocybin in them.

Also, they’re on the expensive side, priced at $25 for each bar or $229 for a pack of 10.

Pros and Cons of Shruumz Chocolate

Here are some possible pros and cons of Shruumz Chocolate:


  • It may enhance your mood, focus, and creativity
  • It may support your immune system and brain health
  • It is composed of natural ingredients such as hemp extract and mushrooms.
  • It has a pleasant taste and texture.
  • It comes in different flavors and shapes to suit your preferences
  • It may have positive effects when taken with other activities such as exercise or meditation.


  • It does not contain any psychoactive compounds such as THC or psilocybin, so it does not produce any psychedelic effects.
  • It is very expensive compared to regular chocolate bars, costing $25 per bar or $229 for a pack of 10.
  • It may have some side effects such as nausea, headache, drowsiness, or allergic reactions depending on the individual’s sensitivity to the ingredients.
  • It may be illegal or unregulated in some areas.

Ingredients of Diamond Shruumz Chocolate

Shruumz chocolate contains four main active ingredients: chocolate, hemp extract, lion’s mane mushroom, and reishi mushroom.

Here is some information about each ingredient:

#1 Chocolate


Shruumz uses premium cocoa beans, organic sugar, and natural flavorings to create a delicious chocolate base for its bars.

Chocolate is rich in antioxidants and can boost your mood and energy levels.

#2 Hemp extract

Hemp extract

Shruumz adds a hemp extract that consists of low doses of CBDa, CBD, CBN, CBG, and HHC to their chocolate bars.

These are cannabinoids that can interact with your endocannabinoid system and provide various benefits such as pain relief, anti-inflammation, relaxation, and neuroprotection.

#3 Lion’s Mane Mushroom

Lion’s Mane Mushroom

Shruumz includes lion’s mane mushrooms as one of their active ingredients. Lion’s mane is a medicinal mushroom used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries.

It can enhance your cognitive function, memory, focus, and creativity by stimulating the growth of new brain cells.

#4 Reishi Mushroom

Reishi Mushroom

Shruumz also incorporates reishi mushrooms into their chocolate bars. Reishi is another medicinal mushroom revered as the “mushroom of immortality” in Asian cultures.

It can boost your immune system, reduce stress, improve sleep quality, and promote longevity by modulating your hormonal balance.

As you can see, Shruumz chocolate contains a blend of ingredients that can offer you a range of benefits for your mind and body.

However, you should also be aware of some potential risks or side effects of consuming these ingredients.

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Side Effects of Shruumz Chocolate?

Shruumz may have some potential risks or side effects that you should be aware of before consuming it.

Here are some of the possible risks or side effects:

#1 Sugar and Fructose Syrup

Shruumz contains sugar and fructose syrup as sweeteners, increasing your risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes if consumed excessively.

#2 Allergic Reactions

Shruumz chocolate contains hemp extract and mushrooms, which may cause allergic reactions in some people.

You should check the ingredients list carefully and consult your doctor before trying Shruumz if you have any known allergies or medical conditions.

#3 Drug Interactions

Shruumz chocolate contains cannabinoids and mushrooms, which may interact with certain medications or supplements that you are taking.

Make sure to inform your doctor if you’re using Shruumz, and be careful not to mix it with other things that could impact how your brain works or your blood pressure.

#4 Psychoactive Effects

Shruumz chocolate claims to have mind-altering effects, but there is no evidence that it contains any psychoactive compounds such as psilocybin or THC.

However, some users may experience mild changes in perception, mood, or cognition due to the placebo effect or the natural properties of hemp and mushrooms.

These side effects of Shruumz Chocolate can be different for each person, depending on how sensitive you are, how much you use it, and how often.

You should always follow the instructions on the package and make sure to use Shruumz responsibly and moderately.

If you experience any adverse reactions or have any concerns about using Shruumz, you should stop using it immediately and seek medical attention if needed.

Diamond Shruumz Chocolate Customer Reviews

The following are some of the Diamond Shruumz Chocolate Customer Reviews that I found online.

However, you should keep in mind that these are not verified or endorsed by me or by Shruumz.

They are just opinions of individual users and may not reflect the actual quality or effects of Shruumz chocolate.

  • A user on Reddit said that they tried Shruumz and felt nothing except a slight headache. They also questioned the authenticity of the ingredients and the claims of Shruumz.
  • A user on YouTube said that they reviewed Shruumz and found it to be a pleasant and relaxing experience. They said that they felt more focused, creative, and happy after eating a few pieces of Shruumz. They also praised the taste and texture of the chocolate.
  • A user on Illuminate Labs said that they analyzed Shruumz and found it to be a scam. They said that Shruumz did not contain any CBD or THC as advertised and that it was overpriced and unhealthy. They also warned other consumers to avoid buying Shruumz.

As you can see, the testimonials from users are very mixed and contradictory.

Some users seem to enjoy Shruumz while others seem to hate it. Some users claim to have psychedelic effects while others claim to have none.

Some users trust the ingredients while others doubt them.

Real Customer Reviews

Here are some examples of real customer reviews.

“I love Diamond Shruumz Chocolate! It’s my favorite way to start the day. The chocolate is delicious and the mushrooms give me a gentle boost of energy and creativity. I feel more focused and productive at work and more relaxed and happy at home.”

– Jessica

“Diamond Shruumz Chocolate is amazing! I’ve been microdosing with it for a few months now and I’ve noticed a huge difference in my mood and cognition. I’m more calm, confident, and optimistic. I’m also more curious and eager to learn new things. It’s like my brain has been upgraded.”

– Daniel

“Diamond Shruumz Chocolate is a game-changer for me. I suffer from chronic pain and depression, and this product helps me manage both. It reduces my inflammation and pain levels, and it lifts my mood and motivation. It also helps me sleep better at night. I’m so grateful for this product.”

– Lisa

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Are Diamond Shruumz Legit?

The legitimacy of Diamond Shruumz products can vary depending on your location and the ingredients they contain. 

In some places, psilocybin-containing products like these gummies and chocolates are illegal, while in other places, non-psychedelic mushroom products like these gummies and chocolates may be legal.

It is important to research the laws in your area before buying or consuming Diamond Shruumz products.

Does Diamond Shruumz Make You Trip?

No, Diamond Shruumz does not make you trip.

As we explained earlier, this product does not contain any psychoactive ingredients such as THC or CBD, and the amount of mushrooms is unknown.

Therefore, you are unlikely to experience any mind-altering effects from eating this chocolate.

Is Diamond Shruumz Legal?

The legality of Diamond Shruumz Chocolate may depend on your location and the laws regarding hemp, mushrooms, and other substances. 

According to the company’s website, Diamond Shruumz Chocolate contains hemp extract, lions mane mushroom, reishi mushroom, and Chaga mushroom. 

However, as we mentioned before, the test results published by the company show that there is no THC or CBD in the product. 

The company also states that they do not guarantee that their product is legal in your state or territory and that it is up to you to determine whether the purchase or use of their product would violate any laws or regulations. 

How Do I Use Shruumz Safely and Effectively?

According to the Shruumz website, Shruumz is a 1.6oz chocolate bar consisting of 15 pieces/doses.

However, there is no clear or consistent guidance on how much Shruumz you should take or how often you should take it.

Different users may have different reactions and preferences depending on their body weight, metabolism, tolerance, and expectations.

Some users may feel relaxed and happy with half a piece of Shruumz while others may need more than one piece to feel any effects.

Some users may enjoy taking Shruumz daily while others may prefer taking it occasionally or not at all.

Therefore, if you want to try Shruumz chocolate, begin with a small amount, like half a piece. Wait at least an hour before having more.

Also, monitor your reactions and adjust your dosage accordingly based on your desired effects and comfort level.


While Shruumz offers a microdose of natural ingredients that can improve your mood, focus, creativity, and immunity, there is not much scientific evidence to support these claims.

Therefore, you should be cautious and skeptical before buying or consuming Shruumz Chocolate.

You should also consult your doctor if you have any medical conditions or are taking any medications or supplements.

If you decide to try Shruumz Chocolate, make sure you follow the dosage instructions and monitor your reactions. You may or may not experience any benefits from Shruumz Chocolate, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

The Bottom Line

I hope this blog post was helpful and informative for you and it helped you learn more about Diamond Shruumz Chocolate.

If you’ve tried Diamond Shruumz Chocolate, share your experience in the comments below.

We’d love to hear about it!

Thanks for reading!

Have a fantastic day!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shruumz Chocolate?

Shruumz Chocolate is a premium chocolate bar infused with hemp extract and mushrooms. It claims to provide a microdose of natural ingredients that can enhance your mood, focus, creativity, and immunity.

How does Shruumz Chocolate work?

Shruumz Chocolate works by delivering a small amount of hemp extract and mushrooms to your system. Hemp extract contains CBD, a cannabinoid that can interact with your endocannabinoid system and modulate various functions such as pain, inflammation, mood, and stress. Mushrooms contain various compounds that can support your immune system, brain health, and overall wellness.

Is Shruumz Chocolate legal?

Shruumz Chocolate is legal in most states and countries where hemp-derived products are allowed. However, you should always check your local laws before buying or consuming any product containing hemp or mushrooms.

Does Shruumz contain THC or psilocybin?

No, Shruumz Chocolate does not contain any psychoactive compounds such as THC or psilocybin. THC is the main compound in cannabis that causes a high, while psilocybin is the main compound in magic mushrooms that causes a trip. Shruumz Chocolate will not make you high or hallucinate.

Can I take Shruumz with other medications or supplements?

Shruumz Chocolate may interact with some medications or supplements that affect your blood pressure, blood sugar, liver function, or serotonin levels. Therefore, you should always consult your doctor before taking Shruumz Chocolate if you are on any prescription drugs or over-the-counter products.

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